CLIENT VS. CUSTOMER – Do You Know The Difference?

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In the world of real estate and specifically in the State of Texas there are some huge differences between being a Client or a Customer when involved in a real estate transaction. 

As real estate Agents and REALTORS we must treat all parties with care and honesty, however once someone becomes a client, our obligations and duties to them are expanded and go beyond care and honesty.  The chart below is a good summary and shows the differences. 

The client relationship is established when you hire someone to exclusively represent you, so next time you are involved in a real estate transaction ensure the person you are working with is only representing YOU! 

  With Representation (Client)   Without Representation (Customer)
Accountability ü    ü   
Disclose Material Facts ü    ü   
Fairness ü    ü   
Honesty  ü    ü   
Reasonable Care ü    ü   
Act According to Your Instructions ü     
Confidentiality ü     
Help Negotiating ü     
Objective Evaluation ü     
Price Counseling ü     
Undivided Loyalty ü     
Work to Promote Your Interests ü     

 Happy Home Buying/Selling!

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