Do We Live in a Fair World?

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This is the first time in my lifetime that I am seeing or hearing people hurting so much financially out in the open, everywhere in the news and on the net.

Due to my type of work, I see people that live lavish lives as if there is no tomorrow while I encounter people that are worried if they will have food on their tables or can pay their rent or mortgage the next month.  It becomes an internal battle for me sometimes to see, work, and be so close to these polarities.  It makes me think too much about everything sometimes.  Of course, I can’t let my thinking get in the way of me doing my job and I don’t.  Yet I had to somehow come to peace with this fact.  The fact that the world is not fair!  but is this true?

Is the world really fair?  And fair to whom?  I am looking and judging the world through my eyes, my memory experiences and no one else’s, how can that be the sum of all?  How can that be fair!

So lately I have come to the conclusion that the world is a fair place, we all have our share of things for a reason and it is not in my place to judge or decide what is a fair share for anyone else, that’s really their business and not mine.  Of course that does not mean I cannot be compassionate about people that are less fortunate or help them when I can.  Which I do!

Happy thoughts!

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