Earth Day 2012 is Upon Us, Do You Know How to Dispose Your Old Technology?

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Earth Day

Earth day 2012 is this weekend.  As this day comes and goes, we all get a bit more conscious about the things we can do to reduce our foot print and preserve the resources and the beauty that mother earth has to offer.  We all can make a difference, even if we do one little thing, one human being at a time. 

As human population grows and grows, so are the electronic gadgets, phone, computers and the electronic devices we use on daily basis and with technology changing on a such fast speed, we upgrade many of our devices on yearly basis.  So what do you do with your old stuff?  Do you recycle your old equipment or just throw it in the garbage?   The EPA reported that only 15% of e-waste is recycled in the US each year. Which means the other 85% is filling up our landfills with toxic materials and carcinogens. This Earth Day, I urge you to review the below information as a guide to securely, responsibly and economically disposing obsolete technology, the new generations to come will thank us for doing so! 

Cell Phones,Computer Monitors,Keyboards, Batteries,Mouses,Video Camera, MP3 Player, Video Game Consoles,Scanners, Webcams,Laptops.
For a more detailed list of what electronics can and cannot be recycled click here.

If your technology is:
< 3 years old consider selling
Between 3-5 years old, consider donating
>5 years recycling is the most realistic option

Finding a local donation and/or disposal program is a snap with great resources provided by the EPA.  Click here to search for a program near you.

Below is a list of convenient corporate disposal programs.

AT&T Dell Intel
Nokia Office Depot T-Mobile
Samsung Sony Motorola
Sprint Staples Verizon
Best Buy eBay LG
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