Important Steps to Maintain Your A/C!

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AC Maintenance

Since we are on the subject of Spring cleaning and house maintenance, 10 Home Maintenance Tips For Spring, and with summer months arriving soon, here is one more thing to add to the maintenance list to ensure keeping cool this summer!  Perform an annual maintenance on your air conditioning unit now, before the real heat hits and A/C contractors become buys!

There are a few things that you can do yourself to help maintain the air conditioner:

  • Ensure the filter is clean or replaced regularly. Disposable filters are inexpensive and should be replaced once per month during high use periods.
  • Trim back plants so there is at least one foot of clearance from the A/C unit – this allows proper air flow, reducing motor strain.
  • Sand and other debris can get sucked into the condenser coils. To clean the coils, first disconnect the power to the A/C and then use a garden hose to spray the coils clean.

I also recommend an annual maintenance service performed by a professional air conditioning technician. Always ensure the following items are included in the maintenance service:

  • Condenser – check pressure, oil motor bearings, and current electrical draw; tighten all hardware and visually inspect wiring and condenser coils.
  • Air Handler/Evaporator – Visually inspect wiring and oil motor bearings; clean or replace filter, tighten all hardware, inspect condensation drain, pan, pump, and auxiliary pan; clean drain system, and check that evaporator coils are clean and free of damage.

With proper maintenance, the air conditioner should run smoothly for years.

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