Organize and DeClutter Before You Sell!

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Spring is in full swing, and I don’t know about you, but along with it, spring cleaning tends to creep into my psyche. Before I know it, I find myself cleaning and reorganizing everything from what’s in my closet to my computer files.  And the most important part for me is the feeling and the sense of accomplishment I get afterwards, it’s like ahhhh, I can breathe again!

Along those lines, if you are thinking about selling your house this Spring or Summer, de-cluttering your home is one of the most inexpensive yet vital parts of getting your house ready before opening your door to potential buyers.  

It’s vital because most buyers want to see themselves someplace better and more beautiful.  They want the feeling that if they moved in, it will be organized, clean and attractive.  On the other hand, if they walk into a clutter and messy space, there is none of that feeling that life will be better.  A cluttered home also gives the impression that it needs repairs and renovation, even if the house is in good condition.

And believe me I know that parting with things that have emotional value, is very difficult.  We understand the need to do it, it doesn’t cost much, if anything, and yet it’s really hard to get it done.  But rather than stuffing everything in boxes, take advantage of your move, moving is a great opportunity to get organized, I think of it as, “perfect time to edit ourselves down”.  And there are certainly rewards for the effort you put into de-cluttering and downsizing.  For one, you will spend less money for someone to move you, and you’re also going to spend less money for storage.  

And one word of advice, don’t expect to do it all in one weekend, sometimes overwhelming yourself might just become the reason you abandon the whole project altogether.  Give yourself ample time and don’t try to tackle your whole house in one shot.  You can start with closets, kitchen panties, cabinets, and drawers.  The rule of thumb is, be ruthless.  If you’re unsure, or you have not used it for more than a year, then get rid of it.

Happy organizing and yes please make sure you don’t pack away your cat!

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