Preventing Burglaries Requires More Than Locks and Alarms!

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Thieves are always looking out for themselves, so it is crucial to do the same and be ruthless in protecting your own home, self, and family from any dangerous or unwanted situation.  By staying aware and actively playing on the safe side, you will shoo off the bad guys. Here are some measures you can take to prevent burglaries.

  • Install exterior lights with a motion detection feature.  A light suddenly going on will almost always send a potential intruder away.
  • Look for – and, if possible, eliminate – potential hiding spots around your property.  Keep shrubbery around entrances and walkways trimmed.
  • Always leave some lights on in your home when you’re away for an evening.
  • Never announce that you’re on vacation or otherwise away from your home on social media sites. (Ask your kids not to do this either!)
  • Don’t leave tempting valuables where they can be easily seen through a window.  Stow expensive items like grills, cars, and bikes in the garage.
  • Get to know your neighbors.  Crime tends to be lower in tight-knit communities because neighbors are more likely to look out for each other.  Your neighbors can be one of your best assets in home crime prevention as they offer extra eyes and an outside perspective.
  • Consider forming a neighborhood watch program.  This will give you the opportunity to get to know your neighbors better and create an invaluable awareness and commitment to crime prevention in your area.
  • Keep all doors and windows closed and locked at all times.  An open exterior window or door is an invitation for burglars to easily enter your home.  Update the locks, thieves know how to spot weak locks that would be easily forced open.  And always always change the locks when moving into a new place.  If you are a renter, ask the landlord to change them, even if an old renter returned all the keys.  Property codes in Texas require that landlords re-key the house.
  • Be smart about who you let into your home.  Sometimes, even your gardener or maid might have ulterior motives, keep a close eye on people you hire to work in your home, and keep your valuables secured somewhere out of reach.
  • Be careful with what your throw in the trash.  Some criminals will go through your trash to look for clues.  Bought an expensive TV! cut up the packaging and make it as inconspicuous as possible when throwing the packaging out.
  • When going on vacation:  Double and triple check all doors and windows.  Talk to a trusted neighbor about helping create a “lived-in” look.  Ask your neighbor to occasionally park their car in your driveway when on long term vacations.  Put timers on lights.  And lock your garage door and disconnect the automatic opener.

As you can see home security doesn’t end with just locks and alarms.  There are so many other ways to keep your home safe and significantly lower the risk of a break-ins.

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