As a first time home buyer, I was going at buying a house completely blind.


I found Vida through her online home search website which is really great, too! What I found best about Vida was that she was always available and willing to take us to see houses within a day of when we called; sometimes same day! She never made us feel like were wasting her time, no matter how dumb the questions, no matter how long we lingered in house or how many homes we toured before we actually selected our current home. Once the actually home purchase process began, she held our hands through the entire process and would bring up good points that we would never have thought of or thought to ask. She took complete care of us and had our best interest in mind. We truly felt completely taken care of through the ENTIRE process. That was in 2009 when we closed on our house. Vida still checks in on me and she will always be my realtor and now friend! She is truly gifted in her field and really enjoys what she does. She is very knowledgeable about all types of properties in the Metrolplex. So whatever your need, she will help and you will be very happy you contacted her. Stephanie